Written by Rob Darwin - September 27 2020


Product Management is a very new skill.  It is all to often seen as a promotion path from a technical role (frequently web design).  We think that is not sufficient, and that communications and being able to bridge the VitalTrinity is essential.


In the early days of a business, you may not need or be able to afford a CPO, in general one only needs one 1 day/week. However you should generally allow for 3-5 days when you are:

  • Starting up

  • Pivoting/strategic review

  • Doing a 3-6 month review

In most businesses a CPO is essential and will pay for themselves with increased sales, better tariffing, reduced sales costs etc​


Ultimately as the business grows you should have your own CPO. Good CPO's can be hard to find, so it can be better to "grow your own".  We can help.