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Written by Rob Darwin - September 12th, 2019


The 5 minute pitch

Will Despard of the Cutter’s Club did a really good presentation. It did a lot of essential and good things, but more importantly, he made it look easy.

I have prepared some bullet points, (2) is the biggest area, and is very much a “case by case” issue. Note that this structure is for “friends and family” and “angel” investment, VC’s and PE will require a slightly different structure:

  1. Introduce yourself
    Make that essential first impression, and do not forget the 3 musketeers of presentation introduction: Ethos, Logos & Pathos a few words or a sentence to address each point will help.

  2. Introduce the business
    Start with one or more of the elevator pitches.
    Tell a story, and get the essential details in.
    It is OK to merge (1) and (2) together a bit, but make sure you do not lose site of them.
    Who are the customers, what is their pain, how much will they pay you.
    What are the alternatives to buying from you, and why will people buy from you

  3. Introduce the team

  4. Do you have everyone, what is your advisory team like?

  5. The opportunity
    How much money is needed and what is the tax status (SEIS?)
    What it will be used for, and where will it get us (crisp on objective metrics)
    How much of the company they will get, and some cases of relevant exits, or indications of exit

Summarise what we have told from investor POV
Call to action and contact details

Useful resources:

10PitchMistakes see some of the common pitfalls to avoid.



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