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Written by Rob Darwin - September 12th, 2019


The 3 musketeers of rhetoric (or pitching!)

Status: 2019-09-10 Rob:This is a very early draft, that is for the PitchClub presenters, it will be upgraded over the next few months. Please feel free to post questions.

Far too many presenters rush into their presentation without saying who they are. There is a simple set of rules to get you started, use the 3 Musketeers of introduction: Ethos, Logos & Pathos. Aristotle referred to them as the “The Artistic Proofs”.

Ethos Are you someone who is worth listening to, by background, experience, language etc

Logos Do you make sense, do you make your points with facts etc

Pathos Does the audience like you, do they empathise with you?

You should aim to establish these as early as possible, otherwise why are you worth listening to.  This is 2300 year old technology, and it is still valid!

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